In light of the growing global challenges in environmental protection and air purification, compliance with current environmental regulations is essential for businesses. In this context, the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control, abbreviated as TA Luft, plays a pivotal role in Germany. The revision in 2021 has introduced significant changes, particularly affecting shut-off valves and gate valves.

In this article, we will explore the importance of the TA Luft Certificate for modern industrial facilities, examine the sectors it impacts, and explain the relevant transition periods.

Explaining the Importance of the TA Luft Certificate

The TA Luft Certificate represents a crucial factor in complying with German emission regulations. This regulation aims to minimize the release of harmful substances, thereby improving air quality. For operators of industrial facilities, this means that the efficiency and functionality of globe valves and gate valves directly contribute to the reduction of potentially dangerous emissions.

Affected Industries and Deadlines

With the 2021 update to the TA Luft, the requirements for the environmental compatibility of industrial plants have become more stringent, especially in the fields of chemistry, petrochemistry, and at tank storage facilities, as well as certain wastewater treatment applications. Operators have until the end of 2025 to adapt their facilities accordingly. Should a component exchange be necessary in the meantime, these must already meet the new TA Luft standards. If you have any uncertainties, we are more than happy to assist you with further information.

Advantages of TA Luft-Certified Globe and Gate Valves:

  • Enhanced Emission Control: Specially tested and developed products guarantee minimal environmental impact and actively contribute to air purification.

  • Legal Compliance: A TA-Luft certificate ensures that your facilities meet the latest legal requirements, protects against legal issues, and promotes sustainable business management.

  • Guaranteed Quality: Products with a TA-Luft certificate undergo strict quality controls, ensuring their reliability and durability, and contributing to smooth operation.

The use of certified globe and gate valves is a clear commitment to environmental protection and sustainable management practices.

At F&M, we offer a wide range of DIN and ANSI shut-off valves and gate valves up to PN40 / class300, all of which meet the requirements of TA Luft 2021 and fulfill the highest environmental standards.

Explore our range and make a strong statement for environmental protection and sustainability in your industry.

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